Watching a PBS watercolorist's show, I thought "I can do that".  And it turned out I could! 

I've had various careers in business, but art and books are my passions.  I love writing, reading, and traveling, especially to cities with great art museums.  I've had to be dragged back to the airport from some of the best museums in the world, kicking & screaming (ok, a tiny exaggeration - but not by much).

Life goes in cycles, and I'm concentrating again on painting.  I enjoy watercolor, its challenges and delicacy.  I think my paintings are a bolder, modern version of traditional watercolor.  

I owe a lot to two wonderful artists no longer with us:  Roger Carrington and Elisabeth Tidmore.  They were talented and patient and a great influence on my work. 

My vision for DEBBIE MITCHELL ART is to grow as an artist in style and scope.  I'd like to paint more of my beautiful Louisiana and share my paintings with a larger market.  

I hope you like my work.  I would love to have one of my paintings in your home.

Debbie Mitchell
Member, Metairie Art Guild, Metairie, LA